Warmth. You can be tough as nails or soft as tissue paper. You can be an imposing personality or nice, neat, and quiet. You can be a liberated woman or the complete opposite. We will follow you with our whole heart, but only if you exude warmth.

Warmth comes from within. Warmth, by definition, is “the quality of being intimate and attached.” You see, regardless your personality, busyness, business, or position, if you want to lead a team that runs through walls with you and for you, you must deeply connect with their souls. You must know them and they you. You must want to know more about them than they could possibly desire to know about you. You must be interested, understanding, insatiably curious, and committed to them – first. Your team has to sense your warmth before they hit the wall if there’s any hope of going through.

Warmth. You cannot lead a team to the height of performance without warmth – the quality of being intimate and attached – sounds like a derivative of becoming ONE, distinct and deeply connected, BBTL. Earlier today, I experienced this firsthand with a couple leaders leading their teams in very different yet similar ways. They are as different as night and day in style and approach. Similarity? Warmth…

Live hard. Love harder…

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