Slow is smooth, smooth is fast…

If you’ve ever watched a high level softball game, you know it’s a game of speed. From the moment the ball hits the bat until the runner’s foot strikes first base, infielders have less than three seconds to read the ball, field it and get it to first. If you read it wrong, bobble it, double pump – runner is safe.

This means infielders have to speed up, right? Yes and no. We had two bookend phrases that were drilled into infielders. Be quick, don’t hurry AND slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Both get at the idea that rushing slows you down. It leads to poor reads, a bad transfer, a rushed errant throw.

There’s a sweet spot to be found. When you’re rushing, your brain gets ahead of your body and reckless mistakes are made. When you fear making a mistake you can get too cautious, too slow and the game/task/moment passes you by. When we’re tuned in and in flow, in rhythm with the game, things are smooth and effortless. We’re not rushing and we’re right on time.

In big moments, when you hit a stress point, do you tend to go too fast or too slow? How can you find your flow spot? How will you match the pace of the game or task in front of you? Slow down and write. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

3 thoughts on “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast…

  1. You are smooth and fast when it comes to BBTL, Centerfield. Another good thought starter from the ball diamond. Thank you…

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  2. If you read the Jack Carr series with main character Reese, “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast” was a big part of SEAL training on everything from guns to clearing a building.

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