Gotta stay on track. Gotta stay open.

The first words represent a normal, career mindset. I gotta stay on track is what most career minded dudes tell themselves when other opportunities appear. They double down on their commitment to finish what they started. This folks are gritty and going places. All good. The trouble starts when staying on track turns to tunnel vision. “Gotta stay on track” has led many to stay on a career track out of the real “F” word – Fear. Many a missed opportunity comes from staying on a good track instead of chasing great. Think about it.

“Gotta stay open to what juices me” is OPUS focused. You see, friend, once you’ve tasted a labor of love, you stop telling yourself nose to the grindstone kinda words. They’ve left the vocab because the mind has changed. You no longer fear or strive for position, promotion, or power. Who cares if you’re tracking when you can’t imagine anything better than mastering what matters most. OPUS focused masters are on track, don’t get me wrong. They just don’t think about it. So, when new juice arrives they are open to its leading. They chase a new “love to” and experiment. They play. They may tweak the OPUS, they may not. They’re smiling either way.

Gotta stay on track. Gotta stay open. Words matter, huh.

For me, staying open has me saying no to more clients and yes to going deeper with a few. It’s a small tweak but has brought me serious fire over the past year and some change. I’m not staying on track. I’m focused on mastering my craft. So, today, I pushed a dude harder than hell to do what he can. I couldn’t have cared less if it derailed us. My only aim is to chase greatness by staying open. What about you, friend. Gotta stay on track. Gotta stay open. LFG!

Live hard. Love harder…

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