Think again…

For freakin’ ever we’ve known the amygdala is the center of the emotional brain. No amygdala? No emotion.

Think again.

You see, friend, scientists have recently discovered the amygdala is not the only “alarm circuit of fear.” When studying people who have lost the use of their amygdala, they had no fear of strangers, hot, cold, difficult conversations, and on and on the list goes. Scientist concluded no amygdala – no fear. Until recently. We now know there’s another circuit in all our bodies that creates the unbridled fear response.

A single inhale of carbon dioxide produces anxiety, panic, and soul crushing fear. Why? It creates the feeling of not being able to catch another breath. Damn. Want to learn more? Read Breath by James Nestor. The book is insane.

Here’s the leadership lesson. What do you think you know about your business, sport, brother, bride, or yourself? What are you convinced is absolutely true, no if’s, and’s, or buts? Stay curious. Remain open. Think again.

Live hard. Love harder. The more I learn, the less I know…

2 thoughts on “Think again…

  1. Knowledge is key to a successful anything. Knowledge does not just happen. Knowledge is created. Knowledge is truthful. Knowledge is to be shared.

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