Practice 92…

Yesterday I facilitated a great practice, at least to me. This team has been practicing for 7.5 years. Record results for the past handful of those years. So, what did we do that made this practice one of their best?

We fought.

Great teams have conflict, just like every other team. The best ones, remember, fight to improve performance, not prove a point. Yesterday this team challenged a couple of their really, really strong leaders. A couple young dudes challenged out of belief. Made me smile from ear to ear. Few teams challenge the leader. The norm is to challenge the young and those we enjoy a one up position with.

Yesterday we had robust debate, worldview disparity, and vision collision. We fought to improve performance. The leaders got better. Some teammates did as well. Nearly all sixteen teammates played ball. Nobody hid. Nobody feared the scourge of power. Nobody shut down. A few turned up. When was the last time you challenged your leader, friend? Do you care enough to speak truth to those in power? Or, do you stay in your lane, keep your head down, and placate? Slow down. Reflect. Maybe you need a little more shoot in your eyes, huh.

Live hard. Love harder…

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