No off day…

I remember vividly the best advice given me by a peer when starting BTL back in 2002. I was in my first year starting this company and one of my clients invited me to speak with two other CEO coaches. I was the pup with little gray hair. The other two dudes had been doing this gig for 20 + years. We shared a panel with a bunch of YPO (Young President’s Organization) participants. Once the symposium was complete I picked the brain of one of the other CEO coaches. My question was simple. I told him I only wanted to coach CEO’s and business owners. I know they’re alone and in need of wise counsel. I also know they don’t suffer fools easily. I have to be competent to earn their trust. What else, I asked him?

No off day, he said.

Nobody cares about your wreckage. They expect you to be on, every single practice. Nobody cares if you’re tired. They expect you to give them something they can use every time. Nobody cares if you’re family and friends are on your mind. They expect you to be singularly on them. No off day, if you want CEO’s to trust your sorriness. Seared me.

Today, I’m two practices into a 9 practice day. Nobody cares. No off day. Time to go. I’m on. You?

Live hard. Love harder…

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