My son, Andrew, knows the kind of father he wants to become. He wants to be patient, gentle, understanding, involved, and protective. I know this from observing his habits of the ❤️. He’s not verbalized any of this to me. His behavior speaks volumes.

So, friend, when you find yourself out of alignment between what you tell yourself you believe and what your habits of the ❤️ reveal, you’ve only got two options. Change your belief or change your behavior. We all have integrity gaps. The best know their own and focus on aligning themselves. You?

Slow down. Reflect. Write. Identify a habit in your head that isn’t reflected in your habitual behavior. Maybe you have a ❤️ problem. Maybe you’re just too busy in this season of life. Maybe it’s no big deal. Maybe it is. As for me, I’ve work to do in my heart. Too much of my work is invested in working on others. I easily get confused on my greatest leadership challenge. I think it’s a few of my family, friends, and clients. Rotates, you know. Truth is it’s none of them. My greatest leadership challenge is leading me. Damn.

Live hard. ❤️ harder…

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