Life & death…

Being with baby A for the past ten days? Life giving. His smile and presence bring life to our family. Blessed. Our limited time with him is the very definition of precious. We made the most of our time together. Fact.

That’s Sean in the back of the pic. We had just played golf together on September 9, 2022. He and I were partners that day and fleeced his good friend, Nolan (on his left in the picture). Sean sold his business recently and was enjoying the fruits of his labor. Lots of golf and family time, you know. While we were in Germany, however, Seans expiration date arrived suddenly at age 52. He had a heart attack. Our limited time with him is over, at least on this planet.

Life & death are a certainty for each of us. We don’t control our arrival or departure times. We control the dash – the in between. This trip has served as a healthy reminder to make the most of the gift. Our hearts are ours to protect, both literally and figuratively. Fill up, friends. Fear drains. Love fills. You choose. Your choices have consequences. Fill wisely. Good.

Live hard. Love harder. We will miss you, Sean…

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