“I want to be taken more seriously.” I hear this all the time. Truth. I tell myself this all the time.

What does one do to have others take them more seriously? Nothing. Cannot be done. All you and I can do is take ourselves less so and invest our precious energy in becoming more so.

Focus less on reputation, more on character. Less on what others think, more on what you do. Less on who gets you, more on getting others. Less on how others see your work, more on mastering your craft. Less on what the world says, more on the audience of One. What do you think, seriously, I would love to know.

Live hard. Love harder. Seriously…

2 thoughts on “Seriously…

    1. Love this, Littlest Poquito. Love how much you’ve grown in your faith. You are a good friend. Thanks for sharing your perspective and for your belief in me and our work. Much appreciated…

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