Under construction…

The Bible reminds us none of us gets out of here without a deep wound. And, if we’re really going to do good, we’ll have a “thorn in our side,” to remind us of our dependence on God, not ourselves, to carry on.

C.S. Lewis said something like pain is God’s megaphone to awaken a deaf world. Day 6 in BBTL is my attempt to paraphrase. Today, I’m looking in the mirror. I don’t like who I see. I am dragging ass at the moment. I have work to do on me. I am committed to getting better; bitter, not so much. I too am a work in process. I too am under construction, you know. Can you relate?

God, help me look up, get up, and never give up. God, help me…

2 thoughts on “Under construction…

  1. Yes
    I can relate
    I’m finding that suffering causes me to pause and reflect
    What’s so crazy is that I find in suffering there are more blessings than I ever would have seen otherwise
    Do I like suffering?
    I pray for it to stop
    But God knows what’s best for me and He has my attention!
    It is transforming me

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