Good morning. If you are chasing excellence, this podcast is a must listen. Chet and Brett get into the REAL – HARD – WORK of mastering the art of living.

Don’t wait. Click on this image and press play now. Write what you learn and what baby step you can take today to “put your ass where your heart wants to be” (Thanks Steven Pressfield). Send it to your builder or post it on here if you don’t have one.

Together we improve. Together we transform. Always together…

4 thoughts on “Endurance…

  1. Two listens while driving between OH and IL. Here’s my initial thoughts:

    Look back don’t live back. I’ve got to understand where I’ve been, what got me here. But, I cannot live there – at the mountain tops (easy for me) OR in the valleys (hard for me). To do so, you have to do as much work as needed to make peace with the valleys. This requires acute pain. This goes against my nature, but exactly where virtue comes from. damn.

    I’ve got to take a leap before I’m ready – because most just keep getting ready. For this – I need to know what my big dream is. More work needed here.

    I was interested to hear that most of Chet’s clients have a hard time finding their few. It seems even the elite need to be led to finding their few. This fisherman may have heard something new in this pod – something that lit a fire to help others find their few. Time to get a more uncomfortable, both physically and professionally. Time to dream and not keep my gifts to myself.

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