Yesterday was a full day. Started early with 3PP. A few new faces, a few old. A few missing. Good.

Lacrosse was FM, baby. An injured dude learned a lot. A couple coaches kept it simple with lots of reminders. Make sense?

Womens soccer. Damn. This is my favorite team and it’s not even close. The Wizard and these young women are filled up to overflowing. The energy and love is contagious. They are BIG champions already, at least in my mind.

HC practice was small and mighty. The newest HC dropped serious bombs. Only her second practice. She applied her learning from her practice one (focused on her few) and saved a transfer portal in the process. Damn.

Freakin’ magic with Baby Kass and his latest innovation – Pickle and Chill. This dude is one of the greatest. He just gets shit done. Lots of it. He smiles and lifts others along the way. Love him.

Grapplers were next. Rachel and Michelle joined in for the fun. We talked intuition and what it is but mostly what it isn’t. Loaded with learning if they will apply it. Most athletes, I’ve observed, are way too reactive. The elite anticipate. You?

Finished up with my young stud in Chicago. He’s killing it and the biggest love cat this side of Grappy. His favorite day in BBTL, he told me, is day 199. He loves the phrase – Look up. Get up. Never give up. Putting it in his kids bedrooms. Made me smile. He said I should have titled the day better. It’s not about Hillary as much as it’s about my mom, Marie. Damn.

Chili and chillin’ with Miss ended this full day. Blessed beyond belief. Blessed by it, actually. You?

Live hard. Love harder…

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