Like a book…

Practice 320 was coming to a close today when I decided to share a recent reflection of mine. We had been practicing 7 good minutes and I wanted to remind them of the “why” behind the discipline. You see, we’ve become sound bite souls. We rarely listen for more than a sentence or two. We do everything quickly and stay so surface. We don’t know how to love, don’t want to go deep, and prefer safety and security over letting others see the real me, right?

So, I wrapped it up by explaining why I read books. Bono’s Surrender arrived last night and I dove right in. Fifty pages in to this five hundred pager, I’ve learned nothing I didn’t already know. Nothing new, you know. Yet, it’s hitting me hard and stirring my soul. I am enjoying the turning of the pages, his illustrations, and the rawness of his writing voice. I feel a deeper connection to the man as I slowly digest his words. I’ve read five other books about U2 and Bono. I’ve read countless articles. There is so much more to learn. I’m listening to him. I’m reading him like a book.

Practice 7 good minutes at home this same way. Read a loved one like a book. Sure, you know them. Lots you like. Some, not so much. Hold them close. Pull them in and really listen. Hear the yearning. Hold your words. Have them tell you more and tune in like an animal being stalked. Transform the kitchen into a sanctuary by being with and being so damn interested they want to open up and even help you turn the pages. Your lover is a book. A really, really good book. She wants your full attention. She wants to share all parts of her. She wants acceptance and understanding. She wants to fell your heart warm even when the words are too hot or too damn cold.

You see, friend, 7 good minutes is designed for oneness. It’s a tool, a great tool if you use it right. Do not use 7 good minutes to get what you want. Master 7 good minutes to give another the gift of understanding. Get them. Get them more. Get out of your own way. Give what you know you want. Give more. Who knows what you might get in return. I’m turning another page. Curious what I’ll learn, convinced it will be good even when it’s hard. That’s why we practice 7 good minutes. Like a book.

Live hard. Love harder…

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