Pattern recognition…

Yesterday during OSU HC practice 43 and OSU grappler practice 160, we talked about the master skill that separates the good to great leader.

Pattern recognition.

The great ones are able to see through the noise and clangor of ideas and distraction and find the one thing we must do and do it now. March 27, 2021. Riding my bike with a handful of dear friends. I tell Grappy a few minutes after he joined our ride that I’m feeling cold from the inside and I’m going to pull over and rest for a second. He took one glance at me and instantly told me he’s was going back for his car. He knew.

Pattern recognition.

Grappy had studied me and knew this was out of character. He saved my life with his quick action and the subsequent quick action of Brother Mick. Great leaders act before they have all the data. They see the pattern and notice the slightest deviation from norm. Sometimes their decisions save products and services. Sometimes? People.

Thanks, Grappy (dude with the infamous Buick) and Brother Mick (Dude in the middle on first pic).

Live hard. Love harder. Thank your few. Thank them frequently…

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