Not who you think…

Jordan, my son, taught me not to label people. He’s still teaching me. Today is my last day in the Bird’s nest (his place), at least for awhile. We will be doing this again and again, The Lord willing. We golfed, grilled, cycled, walked, worked out, read, wrote, and talked a ton. I don’t want to leave. I cannot wait to come back. People are not who you think they are. People are not even sure who they are much less figured out your sorriness, friend. Think about it. Aren’t you still figuring out you?

Enjoy your people. Accept differences. Talk. Mostly listen. Good…

Live hard. Love harder. Talk…

1 thought on “Not who you think…

  1. Great to hear and see all of this Chet! This is what we can do with our sons as adults, hangout, listen, enjoy the moment, maybe an hour, a day, 4 days, just appreciate what we have with them.
    Thanks for sharing Chet!

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