Grace, mercy, and forgiveness…

Recently, in one of my top five all time practices, we talked through the beauty of the best warriors. What makes them so effective? They’ve already accepted they’re dead.

What if we take the same approach with our deepest relational wounds. What if we assume they’ve broken our heart and can’t break it any more. Maybe we can then love them without fear of them loving us back. We’re already broken, you know. Maybe our struggle is of our own making. Maybe we’re holding back love because we’re still afraid we can somehow become more broken. What if we surrender to that thought.

We. Are. Broken.

Instead of fear and fortress building we adopt a “Can’t hurt me now” mindset. We love agape style. Agape can only emanate from broken hearts who’ve surrendered to God’s healing hand. The relational warrior is no longer interested in justice. They’ve laid the sword down. Grace, mercy, and forgiveness are all they bring to the battlefield. Damn.

This was exactly the message my client and I needed to shared. It came from me. It was for me. It seared him. You? God, help me. I am weak but you are strong. You alone can mend broken hearts. I trust you. I forgive those around me as you’ve forgiven me. Now, I am ready to love. Good…

Live hard. Love harder…

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