Last night I hung out with a ton of young leaders from nearly every OSU sport. They were broken into ten teams of around ten souls each. Each team had three BBTL books. They broke into smaller teams and picked a day in the CORE or Courage Essential. They read, wrote, spoke, and listened. And then they shared.

The melody line of the night?

Life is hard. Joy is possible. Fear is rampant. Love the only worthy aim.

Do not worry about the next generation, friend. Pour into them. Be with them. Let them learn to grab the reins. Model the way. Embrace pain and suffering. Embody truth in Love. Was a good night. Ended with me thinking of the Agoge and ancient Sparta. The Spartans taught mental toughness before it was a thing, you know. They taught their young warriors to laugh at fear and then run the hell through ‘em. We must all learn to laugh in the face of our fears. Simple, not easy.

So, this early am, a bunch of old friends got a little wet and cold on my driveway instead of warm and toasty in my garage. They started off complaining. I would not listen. I laughed. We got our version of “wet and sandy.” Freakin’ loved it. I led the team in laughter as we did a hard legs day together. Together we transform. Together we conquer fear with more love. Together. Simple, not easy.

Live hard. Love harder. Always together…

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