Choosing to cheat…

In 2000, one of my clients parents were Pebble Beach volunteers for the US Open. They were both given the assignment of chauffeuring a player. His mother was assigned to Tiger Woods.

Every day, the players would be taken to the homes they rented on the course, and then to dinners and get-togethers. Except Tiger Woods. He asked to be taken to a private driving range to practice. My clients mom would sit in the car and wait while Tiger, his coach and caddie would analyze every shot that day.

He won the Open, by the greatest margin in golf history. Following the victory celebration, he again asked to be taken to the private driving range. My clients mother congratulated him, stating it was an amazing performance. Tiger immediately responded, “It was good. I performed at about 85% of my ability.”

His mother responded, “If that was you at 85%, I’d love to see you play at 100%!” Tiger said, “Not me. My life is about striving for that goal. Everyday getting closer to my perfect game. When I do, it’ll be my last day of golf. A very sad day that I hope is many years away. I just want to get a little closer with every game.”

Today, in practice 96, we chased producer excellence. I didn’t tell this story but could have. It’s a fine line between obsession and love. Tiger chased it in his professional life, not so much in his personal one. We all make hard choices on the journey of becoming and belonging. No easy answers. Real. Hard. Opus.

What are you chasing, friend? Are you cheating toward home? Are you cheating toward work? Are you choosing to cheat in each direction? Are you tuned into becoming and belonging and aware of the conflict both create? Slow down. Reflect. Choose wisely. God, help me cheat toward you. God, help me…

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