Nuke it…

For those new to this site, I had a heart attack on 3.27.21. Should have died if not for a few friends that knew me and amazing docs caring quickly for my sorriness. Fast forward to a few weeks back. My cardiologist is Doc Steve. Amazing dude. He takes my calls, responds to texts, and cares for me like I’m one of his own. Love this doc. When I called him because my prescription (statin & baby aspirin) had run out, he picked up right away with a “Hey, Chet what can I do for you?” What doc even answers their phone, much less with that kinda kindness? Damn.

We got talking about my heart attack protocol and how it wasn’t going to change anytime soon. Statin & baby aspirin everyfreakin’day. Got it. No diet or exercise changes needed, he said. Keep doing what you’re doing, he reminded me. So, I decided to ask him another question. He knows I push myself hard physically but I hadn’t told him we’re heading back to France in June to do eight hard as hell days in the Alps. He said I was good to go – then hesitated a bit. I asked him to tell me his thinking. “For your and my peace of mind,” he began, “Let’s do a nuclear stress test.” He continued to describe it and then said something I’ll never forget. “Chet,” he began emphatically, “you’re not normal, you know. In fact you’re the first patient (I’ve had) post heart attack and stint procedure, who pushes themselves to the limit.” We laughed at how unusual we both are. He is no normal doc. I guess I’m no normal patient. Together, we’re becoming distinct and deeply connected. Fact.

Got me fired up, you know.

So, when the day finished with a couple kick ASS practices it fired me up to the point I decided to do my Peloton race a day ahead of schedule. It was a 10 minute all out effort. Kinda like a stress test. I clipped in. Turned the TV onto sports. Turned the music up and fixated my mind on staying ahead of my PR (personal record). So. I. Did. Ten minutes of hell later, I was heaving and coughing as my system tried to return to equilibrium after being pushed to the brink. I crushed my previous PR by 14 WATS average. Emptied the tank in ten. Went nuclear, you could say. Cannot will myself into this kind of pain very often. Most days my will is too weak. Every so often, however, I find a way. You?

In a week, I’ll head to Riverside hospital and make myself do what I can on their treadmill. I already know the results. This heart of mine is strong enough. It’s my mind that matters more. My mental toughness is a work in process. Long way to go to get it right. Same for you, my friend. Get your mind right. The body will follow. Mine’s 63. Beaten up. Cut 64 times. Missing the muscle of most. VO2 max ain’t moving. Nothing lasts forever. My time ain’t done. Not. Freakin’. Yet.

What big, physical dream fuels you?

Live hard. ❤️ harder. Burn out bright. Let’s freakin nuke it…

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