Second nature…

Think about it for a second. We care for ourselves and others in relationship to the depth of our love reservoir. We have deep reservoirs for our pups, seemingly puddles for ourselves. We tend to quickly forgive and forget all the puppy problems of peeing on our favorite bedposts, chewing shoes, puking on wooden floors, and doing other doggie things like digging up the yard and even biting other dogs. That’s just what dogs do, right?

We more easily forgive our dogs than ourselves. You see, we don’t see our mess ups as attributable to our natures. We don’t, in fact, understand human nature.

Lets start, friend, by loving ourselves like we love our dogs. God loves you and your nature. God wants the best for you. That’s why we’re the only animal gifted with a mind capable of building a second nature. No wonder we’re still contemplating what is, in fact, our nature. God doesn’t beat you up, He built you and wants to continue to build a better you, if you’ll let Him. It’s alright to feel regret and desire to deeply change. We are designed with an almost endless capacity for growth. So, go ahead, be hard on self without getting down on self. Hard on self. Not down on self.

God, help me draw on your deep reservoirs of love for me. God, help me be a conduit not Cul de sac. God, help me allow your spirit to build a better man. God, help me.

Live hard. Love harder (Thanks, Teeks – my four legged best friend)…

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