One of my clients just got his ASS kicked. I did not raise my voice or call him names. I did not get all fired up either. I asked him a couple questions and then gave him a lawyers argument. He was rinsing his OPUS, you see, and it had him holding onto work he loathes. He runs many businesses. They are all successful. One in particular makes him a lot of money and bores him to tears. He can’t seem to let it go. I call it his cocaine habit.

If he’s to live out his magnum opus (great work), he’s got to let go of the coke.

Hard opus you sustain as you tire. Hard labor you disdain as you perspire. You choose. Your choices have consequences. You and I are not going to live forever. Might I suggest you look at your life as an energy management problem. Solve it.

Live hard. Love harder. Yeah, baby…

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