Believe. Deepen belief through studying, learning, and applying. Belief doesn’t come from a bigger book, it comes from becoming a master in your craft. You do not go into a practice filled with disbelief because it’s going to be hard. You go in knowing you are prepared and you believe. You go in knowing you are going to do your best and learn. Your presence will reflect your belief. The audience, large or small, will catch the shoot in your eyes.

These are notes from my last one on one practice. Extrapolate the learning, please…

Leaders are believers, remember. People buy you. Your belief. Your presence simply reflects your hard earned competence on your way to mastery. Your opponent feels this in sport. It unsettles them. Your team feels this in your non-anxious presence when the pressure is highest. It settles them. Damn.

Your potential client smells this. Fear has a distinct scent, you know. So does confidence that exudes from competence.

As a golfer your ball doesn’t go where you wish it to go. It takes glorious flight when your head and hands are in perfect union. You’ve practiced the shot over and over (especially in your head). You visualize it. A baby cut into the light breeze, landing just left of the flag, a one bounce check and coming to rest a few feet away. Nothing left but a sweet roll. This is flow. This begins with belief.

Believe. Take a full swing. Expect the best. Deal with the worst. Enjoy the walk to the next opportunity. Make another authentic swing, right Bagger?

Live hard. Love harder. Believe…

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