Teammate, part II

I will get ccd as quick as I can. I don’t spend much time thinking about leadership anymore. But I could not pass this up. Too important. I have had some teammates, yes. I have had some friends, yes. They are not the same thing – by any definition. In the world of Special Forces and combat one survives with great teammates. Great friends? Not needed in battle. But…wait. The greatest teammates I have ever had are also the greatest friends I still have. What gives? You see we went into battle just a handful of us against the world. We had to be great teammates to one another to survive…but what we found was a deep love for one another as human beings. And then it became one great big circle of chasing greatness – together. It is not easy to send your best friends into battle knowing you may never laugh or cry with them again that it is your decision that may cause the death of one of your…best friends and that they may never see their loved ones again. That their loved ones may never see them again. That is the leader’s job, friend. It is the leader’s responsibility to give everything that she or he has in order to LEAD the team – till death do us part. Here is the secret for being able to mold “teammate” and “friend” into “ONE”: Don’t miss this, please.


True vulnerability is not easy to show or to find or to communicate.

“Jim, we loved you because you were so vulnerable to us…”

Thanks, MG.



James 1:14

After a successful rotation in the vicious Helmond Province in 2004 – we are headed home. Third from the left is the young warrior Chris Falkel. 21 years old. The next rotation he would give his life for his teammates and friends in the Battle of Mari Ghar. He was awarded the Silver Star for his bravery and courage. Teammate? Yes. Friend? Yes. Warrior? Yes. Miss you Chris. I will see you soon, brother. With It or On It.

2 thoughts on “Teammate, part II

  1. This is such an insightful post! It really speaks to the power of friendship and how it can transcend any situation. It’s amazing how you and your teammates were able to form such a strong bond even in the midst of battle. It’s inspiring to see how this connection could even push you to greatness. Thanks for sharing your story!

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