Fits and starts…

Your best version of you is not found easily. Great lives are lived in fits and starts. No progress toward excellence is up and to the right. All progress is found in fits and starts. Patience. The best amongst us are constantly aligning behaviors back to bolted on beliefs. This requires a self authored, authentic belief system, first. This is real, hard, work…

Yesterday, during team practices with a few, I shared my worldview. Overwhelmed many. Resonated with one or two. The aim was to educate and awaken. You see, friend, you have a worldview it’s just mostly running in the background of your mind. You’ve picked it up as most do – a little bit here, a little bit there. You’re making sense of your world by imitation, absorbing experiences, and not a lot of thinking. Normal.

One of my deeply held beliefs is all humans are wired to become and belong. We all desire to become our own man or woman. We want to stand on our own, you know. And, we all want someplace to call home. We want to belong to another, a team, to some form of community that “gets us.” Here’s where it gets tricky. You cannot become without belonging. Think about it. Together we transform. And, becoming and belonging are in deep conflict. The two desires will create a not so civil war within.

Don’t quit. Don’t fret. Don’t fall in love with progress. Figure out that the journey is the gig. Keep working. Keep becoming the original you are and keep finding your few where you truly belong. Keep expecting it to be poison and wine (another worldview teaser). What do you think? Better yet, what do you believe? Slow down. Reflect. Go to your room and write. Begin the lifelong process of living by design not default. Your worldview is your matrix, through which you make sense of your world. Make sense? Version x.0, please.

Live hard. Love harder…

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