Power resides in your pen. Your thoughts turn into productive actions through the power in your pen. Your dreams turn into done so’s. Your anxieties lessen. Clarity comes. Confidence grows. You get things done and feel good while doing them. You see, friend, your brain needs your pen to organize and understand what, not only must get done, but why it means so much to do it. Externalization happens when you write. You look more objectively at your thinking. You get out of your own head and on top of your game. You feel free and begin to believe.

Ask The Athlete how he decided to leave and land in his OPUS. Ask Durp why he bought out a partner, sold, and is in hot pursuit of his magnum OPUS. Ask Chubby how he got clarity. Ask Slo. Ask Kyle why he’s in Hocking instead of choking on more money without meaning. Ask The Hippie why health care is hers to change. Ask Cbear how she lept from the gym and landed on her feet. Ask The Wizard why she pours her heart and soul into building strong, young women. Ask Tommyc about his big dream for giving thanks. Ask anyone becoming BTL and you’ll hear about the power in their pen.

Real power is not found in some position or the prestige of a corner office. Power resides in your pen. You finding it? Slow down. Reflect. Write.

Live hard. Love harder…

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