Want a better team?

…Become a better leader. Back on March 7th I was a frustrated leader. I had just run another good team practice. Was. Not. Good. Enough. Good is the enemy of great, right? So, as I reflected on my recent days/weeks/months and the writing that helps me make sense of it all, the answer was so obvious I’d missed it…

I want to build better teams. I want teams who are clear on their standards and hold themselves and their teammates to an ever higher bar. I wasn’t seeing it. Next to nobody in BTL team practice is doing the work within, at least not to my standard, you know. Why aren’t they taking advantage of the gift, I kept asking myself and others. I swallowed hard. Looked in the mirror and made a decision.

I. Must. Get. Better.

I decided to go deeper on my own. Made a commitment to look at my worldview everyday and rinse accordingly. I’ve rinsed it every, single, day since. Damn. Clarity is coming. I am loving the clarity that comes from looking in the mirror instead of out the window. My worldview has gotten clearer. I’m convinced my new commitment to daily rinsing has been the lynch pin. The mirror doesn’t lie when you have the courage to really look. I’m becoming a better leader. Better teams? Oh yeah, they’re coming.

Want a better team? Become a better leader. Every leader gets exactly the team they deserve. Is your worldview becoming your matrix? Is your worldview helping you make sense of your world? Stop pointing fingers out the window. Look in the mirror, leader. Slow down. Reflect. Write. Align accordingly. Never stop. Good.

Live hard. Love harder…

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