I love many sports, but soccer speaks my language. The ball doesn’t care about gender, height, race, or social justice. The ball is neutral. The game is beautiful when played together – really connected. Goals are rare. The World Cup Champion is truly champion of the world. The game is a lot like life. Slow and building. Burst.

Golf is my second favorite sport. It’s not designed to be fair. There are no refs calling stupid fouls. There is no flopping. You play the course. You can’t beat the game, only play it.

Cycling is my third favorite. Cycling is a sufferfestivus. Almost everyone can ride a bike. Racing it requires a team willing to sacrifice everything for one leader. The lungs and legs burn but the mind is the real governor. Pushing through the pain while laughing with family and friends as we climb the French Alps is one of my favorite kairos moments. I believe sports have been one of my best coaches. Sports…

What do you believe? Your worldview matters. It matters more than most know. The best amongst us are constantly aligning behaviors back against bolted on beliefs. You?

Live hard. Love harder…

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