Champions get complacent naturally. Humans get fat when we can. And, nothing tells the human mind it’s time to take it all in, than the arrival at one’s aim. Champions are made, mostly, on the way down and in the valley below called preparation. Champions, at least the ones who live beyond one and done, prepare for the next climb on the descent. Champions that transcend time build a second nature.

They resist.

They resist the temptation to take the next practice off. They resist the temptation to believe their own bullshit. They resist the temptation to take it for granted. They resist the temptation to take too long enjoying the view from on high, enjoying the party all the way down, and patting each other on the back before getting back after it. They resist temptation.

Champions resist.

If you find yourself leading a team of champions, you now know enemy numero uno – complacency. What are you doing to inoculate your team from this most deadly disease? Who knew repeating was so hard? True champions, that’s who.

Live hard. Love harder. Resist…

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