As long as there are two of you…

Small Team? Nah…”The Few” is more like it.

It is more than ever the task of the little teams and small flocks, to struggle most effectively for man and the spirit, and, in particular, to give the most effective witness to those truths for which men so desperately long and which are, at present, in such short supply. For only the little teams and small flocks are able to muster around something which completely escapes technique and the process of massification, and which is the love of wisdom and of the intellect and the trust in the invisible radiation of this love. Such invisible rays carry far; they have the same kind of incredible power in the realm of the spirit that atomic fission and the miracles of microphysics have in the world of matter.

-Jacques Maritain

I never commanded more than a dozen US soldiers in combat.


But we “played” much larger than that.


More to follow on this subject.

Live hard. Love harder. Much harder. (Thanks Chet, I may steal this one from you as well!)



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