There is power in knowing you are competent – believing. Once you’re beginning to believe, slow down and trust it. Trust yourself. Trust your team, your client, and the process. In golf you’ve got to grip it lightly, not tightly. Fear speeds us up. Trusting your swing slows the swing while generating more consistent power. This takes deliberate practice, good coaching, and better and better response by the athlete. You have to love the fundamentals to transform practice to hours of FUNdamentals. Funny, huh.

The fundamentals become more interesting the more you practice them. Study, learn, and apply. Mostly a helluva lot of lead bullets; silver ones, not so much. Stick to fundamentals. Master the craft. Do the work. Master FUNdamentals and keep nuancing because you love it.

For my BTL apprentices I’m reminding them there’s no substitute for mastering the content. None. And, when building another human or any team, you must master these fundamentals too:

Relax. Read. Respond.

Relax. Trust your level of mastery. Read the room. Be prepared like a banshee but let the room filled with people or the audience of one gain your full on attention. Relax and read as the team practice discipline. Now, Builder, you are ready to sear them with how you respond. Response is freakin’ magic when you’ve done the work within and with your aim. Trust it.

Relax. Read. Respond. FUNdamentals, but only if you love practicing them. What are the FUNdamentals to building mastery in your domain, leader?

Live hard. Love harder…

1 thought on “FUNdamentals…

  1. You will NOT rise to the occasion in combat. You will sink to the level of your training/preparedness with the basics (FUNdamentals)…FACT. When you have mastered the basic TTP’s and SOPs – THEN and ONLY THEN can you “let er rip”. FACT.


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