THE band…

The BTL band is THE band, at least to me.

Today, I slept in and joined the band practice instead of training for France. My energy was deplete from a great week of practice with client after client. It was a good tired, but tired nonetheless. Instead of burning more cals on Olentangy river valley hills, I zoomed with the BTL band. Was life giving. Filled up my sorriness. The hills are not going anywhere. My training is important. THE band more so.

I heard all week long about competing priorities and other bullshit excuses why teammates viewed their team practices as optional. Had to look in the mirror and choose for myself. This morning, I chose THE band. I don’t believe in competing priorities. I believe in aligning CORE purposes with passions. I love ❤️ training for France. I love ❤️ THE band a bit more. I love ❤️ Miss and being with her through thick and thin. My energy runs on my choices. What do you believe, reader?

Live hard. Love ❤️ harder…

2 thoughts on “THE band…

  1. Brother Chet – – – Damn. Some talk about ‘modeling the way’. Thanks for living it. Our Band practices have long been…transformative.

    Together, WE Transform – always, ALWAYS – TOGETHER.


  2. Never seen so many hearts from Toto before… seems he is being influenced by the Love Cat — or perhaps the second law of physics from the pic above 🙂

    Today’s practice was brought to us by Jeopardy — where one of LA’s favorite learnings from Toto was this “never tell someone something you can ______ them”

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