Change your questions…not your wife!

BUILT TO LEAD is enjoying it’s sixth year of building individuals, teams, and leaders. We study, learn, and apply what causes high performance. Here’s one of our foundational discoveries. Sustained high – performance starts with better questions, not better answers.

Do you know who you are? Explain.

What are your big fears?

What are your big dreams?

What does your “little voice” say when adversity strikes?

Are you a highly paid laborer or someone living their opus?

Are you CORE centered and self controlling or self centered and other controlling?


Who else are your builders? Tell me more…

At BUILT TO LEAD we call this the discovery process. We have more questions then answers. We like it this way. We believe the best questions lead to the best thinking. Open minds are the only kind that can create. Creativity leads to innovation. Innovation leads to deep change. Deep change that is self- initated is far from fear based. Individuals, teams, and leaders that undergo deep change become stronger as a result. They are becoming the originals they already are. This is cool. This is our tagline…together we improve.

You don’t need to be the “Shell answer man” but you do need a full tank of questions. If you want my favorite questions just ask me for the discovery document and I’ll send it your way. It is long. You’ve been forewarned.

Stop focusing on changing the people, circumstances and situations that you cannot control. Instead, change yourself first by changing your questions. My favorite book on this topic is Change your questions, change your life by Marilee Adams. Check it out.

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