Question everything…

By way of reminder…

BTL leaders ask a ton of questions.  They build  high performance teams that challenge each other and their leaders. They ask questions that help them clearly see their way forward.

Do you?

How often do you ask questions versus give your “commentary?” Most of my clients improve their performance as fast as they improve their questions. Here are some of my favorites. Study, learn, and apply any questions that resonate with you.  And, feel free to “and” some of your favorites…

Are you learning the different languages of your team? Explain.’

Are you aware of your “integrity gaps”, or just the gaps of those around you? Explain.

Is your vision for your company more than a number? Explain.

What is the ratio of pay from your CEO to your lowest paid worker? Is this ratio growing or lowering. Why?

Are women and minorities represented in your executive management?

Are you learning how to STAND for what you want, what you believe, and fight for it?

Are you clear, concise, and direct (always with respect) when you choose to speak?

Are you aware of your triggers?  Are you learning how to control how you react when your trigger goes off?

Does your family sense your passion and vision for them as clearly as your business associates sense your passion and vision for your work?

Are you trying desperately to take your company to the “next level?” Do you know why?

Are you choosing to pursue your passion or are you settling for “peace and pay?”

Are you awake and “oriented” times four? If you don’t understand this question you can ask me for clarity or you can ask any paramedic the four questions they are taught to ask someone who has been knocked out. Study, learn, and apply that thought to your life.

Are you the author of your OPUS or still trying to find the time to finish?

Tell me more, my friend.

Tell me more…

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