What’s the most important thing you did today?

Chances are it wasn’t in your day-timer.

M&M called me and it wasn’t in his.

It wasn’t in mine either — it was a walk next door to tell our 47-year old small business owner neighbor that the $2000 water bill that had accumulated  (because of a toilet left running) while he was in the hospital with a stroke when the ambulance took him away was covered by neighbors and people who heard about his story.

Like many small business owners who have barely survived over the past couple years, he was in need.

We didn’t leave him in need — we left him in tears.   Because more people than I had the time to ask wanted to help.

It’s hard to receive.

When we receive we feel totally out of control.  It’s a gift Chet gave to me 20 years ago — read about it in my story in the 12 Essentials on Wisdom.

Yet we’re wired to give.   And to receive.   That’s the recipe to community — and “oneness”.

TOGETHER WE IMPROVE implies we can’t do either without the other…even when it’s not in our daytimer.

1 thought on “What’s the most important thing you did today?

  1. I always love your writings about the power of receiving not just the joy of giving. Another good nugget from the Gurue. Well done. AND, the model of clear, concise, and direct…

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