Damn straight…

The desire to repair another person is, without a doubt, another human universal.  We all tend to think that we’ve got “another” figured out, and the other tends to think the same.  Funny isn’t it that we both, in the end, end up feeling that nobody gets us.

Humans do not draw near to the person that has their “fix.”

Humans come close to the one that simply comes alongside, and from a full heart offers another the gift of their ears.  We just do.  We fall hard for anyone willing to give this gift.  True.  AND, sometimes very sad…

Today, I had a front row seat to a couple folks that have each other figured and yet haven’t got a clue to you know who.  Remember, the person we ALWAYS find most interesting and intriguing is not the one with the most persuasive or talkative mouth.  The most interesting person in any room, is always the one who is the most interested.

Want to become a master connector and have people drawing near?  Stop talking and start becoming the real life of the party.  Start bringing the best questions, the most inquisitive heart, and an open mind to the party.  Real relationships are always unequal, lack reciprocity, and are led by one, not by both.  Real relationships only happen when one person kills their desire to be understood, to be heard, and to have the last word.  Real relationships are so rare because most of us can’t stop interrupting.

I can’t make you become interested in another.  I can’t force another to become interested in me.  I can, however, give the gift of being interested to those that I say that I love.  Damn, love is tough.

Damn straight it is…

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