Scalability is overrated…

Today, a client of mine got clear on righteous anger and why he’s been afraid to play it “f’ing loud.” Today, the real “f” word, took a hit in his world of so called work. Remember, the real “f” word, isn’t what you think it is. The real “f” word, the one that holds you back and kicks you in the butt, is really foul and four letters long. The real “f” word is FEAR. It just is.

My client was filled with it and was called out by one of his own and by me. His own did a much better job. They usually do, they’re just not as easily heard…

This client was too fixated on what the market wanted and it wore him out. I reminded him of his work that he always shows me when we ride our bikes around our fair city. He smiled. He always does. He is so happy with his masterpiece.

Today, another client heard me tell this story and he offered up his help. He can relate and his OPUS overlaps with my others. I called client “A” while seated with client “B” and gave him some truth in love and connected him to a distinct and very different one. This was so much fun. This is the beauty of BTL. We unlocked his “writers block” by simply being honest. What could have taken hours, days, and months if played the politically correct way, took a matter of seconds, when played the only way I know how.


Today, my clients embraced the idea that scalability is overrated. Two crazies agreed to come together and perform their art. The market may respond with cheers or with jeers. Who cares, really.

A few will respond without so much as thinking. A few will simply connect to somebody’s masterpiece and ask to have some of that, please. A few is all it takes.

What a perfect end to another week of work, another week invested in a labor of LOVE. Another week where I confirmed that scalability is overrated, it just is.  Mastery is the one you want. Master your craft and the market will come to you.  It just will.  All it takes is a little faith…

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