Faith and family…

One hundred years ago the two greatest influences in the life of an average American were straight up. Two hundred years ago the same. Today they’re not.

Today, according to a recent study conducted by Ball State University from good ole’ Indiana, the two greatest influences in the lives of us Americans are kinda complicated. The two you ask?

The media and the workplace.

Today American adults consume the media at an average of 11.4 hours/day. Don’t even try to calculate the hours that today’s youth consume, you’ll be ill. Want to know what is your greatest influence just look at your iphone and all your apps. Coming in a distant, but significant, second is your place of work. The second greatest influence is the culture where you work. Something to ponder toward this one. One hundred years ago your place of work was stable. Most Americans worked for one or two corporations. My generation, it’s estimated will average around eight. Our next gen will easily trip into the teens. Good luck gaining any stability from that ever changing source.

Contrast the modern world to a couple gens back. The greatest influence once was fairly stable and fairly safe. Two hundred or one hundred years prior the greatest influences were the same.

Faith and family.

Today the average American’s faith is threadbare and their family threadless. This is why today in practice three a few average Americans learned to read, write, speak, and listen. They learned that their best bet to grab back the reins to their life is to become the C.E.O. of Y.O.U.. They learned that the media and the workplace aren’t the best influences in the world.

They, themselves, are. Just not yet.

Today I shared my faith and talked a bit about my family. I did nothing new and nothing very exciting. We went backward and looked at why faith and family are pillars of stability. And, we looked inside and evaluated how we’re doing. We wrote, we spoke and we chose a couple baby steps to play with.

Today a few average Americans practiced influencing themselves. Today a few were given the opportunity to grab back the reins. Slowly we’ll see if any grab hold.

God, help me be a catalyst for waking up a few. God, help me practice patience. God, help me wake up the dead in me…

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