Opt out vs. ALL in…

Opting out is a real, modern problem. Many are choosing this option and railing against the world in a general sense and particular folks in a specific one. Here’s a root “why” behind this tendency today.

Noise, noise, and more noise.

Today young people entering the world of work do not simply need to get busy in their apprenticeship and begin the long, arduous task toward mastery. They’ve got to start by attempting to find work that aligns with their “major.” For many, their major was anything but…

If they land with such luck, they’ve got a mountain of noise awaiting them. The technical aspect, the political gamesmanship, the social, local issues, fiscal cliffs, international markets, appeasing the public, the vast volumes of information to understand that all seem beyond their current capacity. And, where did all the mentors go? Most are forced to navigate it alone. What happens next? More noise that starts to feel like a noose…

The complexity overheats the young persons mind and subtle discouragement creeps into the edges and slowly seeps into the mind. What the f’, leads to who gives a rip and in a matter of a few years, morphs into “why bother.” Opting out is a real, modern problem and our corporations need to buck up and be part of the solution.

Today, in your world of work, find a newbie and ask them how you can help them navigate their way forward. Don’t wait for them to come to you. Remember, they’ve been programmed to google everything. And, going to another for help doesn’t show up on the first page. Go help another at your place of work and you may be the catalyst that gives them hope. A master in the making, just maybe.

You see, the guy or gal that opts out is the same kinda rebel that, when flipped, goes ALL in. These are the ones you want. Go find one. Go help one. Who knows your future just may depend on it…

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