Not yet…

You cannot master your work this week, this month, or this year. You cannot master your work without “doing the time” as an apprentice and absorbing the knowledge, skills, and domain specific expertise from another; another that has already achieved mastery. This presents a modern day problem.

There are few leaders that have developed mastery in their domain. Fewer still that understand how to extrapolate their learning to their team. And, there are few employees with a taste for rigorous, focused, practice that leads to performance. Both parties simply want it now.

Mastery is not for the impatient. Mastery doesn’t arrive to the distracted. Mastery isn’t some mystery either.

Mastery is the result of focused attention and 20,000 hours of domain specific practice. Aided by another that makes you do what you can. Fueled by your inner passion for the process regardless the result. Achieved only by creative insights that come to life through someones willingness to “risk it all.” Mastery is rare because the enemy is impatience. Impatient people STOP.

Today, make a decision to keep going.

Today, take a baby step toward your work OPUS. And then another. And another. And yet another. Develop a taste for consistent, disciplined,rigorous, and routine PA. Become one of the few. Remember, mastery is within your reach. Just not today, tomorrow, this week,this month, or this year. Your obsession with productive action will lead you there. Keep going.

Embrace, not yet…

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