The Great physician…

My stiches came out on Thursday and the left side of my face is no longer tender to the touch. When Dr. Cuttfirstasklater cut my facee, I felt nothing at all. I was numb with anesthesia. Thank God for anesthesia…

Today, the wound is numb but not from anesthesia. You see, now that the cut is healing it’s less sensitive to touch or bumps. The reason? The nerves were damaged during the cut and it takes months and even years for them to return. In the meantime, numb…

You and I are kinda like my facee. We have been cut so many times we anticipate the slice before the cut. We self serve some kinda anesthesia and numb it up. Oftentimes, we medicate so frequently that our ability to feel anything disappears. Addictions, you see, are mostly a feeling disorder. Addicts have a failure of nerve. Instead of facing the mirror and dealing with the cut, they choose, instead, to numb it up.

The left side of my face is now healing. Eventually, the nerve endings will return. Feeling will follow. You too, most likely, have some kinda emotional wounds that hurt like hell. They feel like they’ll never heal. Your pain my be chronic; it may be acute. Either way you just want to lose the feeling.

Don’t do it. Don’t go numb. Choose to deal with the roots of your feelings. As you learn to step into your wound you will find the nerve and the new way forward. You will begin to rebuild your nerve endings. You will become more resilient. And, you will really feel the difference.

God, help me understand my wounds are NOT from You. God, help me understand you can be trusted even more than Dr. Cuttfirstasklater. God, help me understand that You are the Great physician. God, help me…

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