Damn straight…

Systems are defined by their behavior. Behaviors are formed from beliefs. Beliefs used to come from family and faith. Today, most of our beliefs are derived from the media and the company culture where we work. FACT.

The predominant behavior in the average American corporate culture is pa. The ONE you want is PA.

pa stands for passive/aggressive. Most humans have mastered pa. They use too many words, tell them to too many people, and fail to speak clear, concise, and direct to the one person that matters. These pa behaviors result in “false harmony” followed by “frustrated discourse,” and ending with either f’ you or f’ it, regardless the pa language purveying from their mouth. pa behavior is the norm. Kinda messed up, huh…

PA stands for performance/aggressive. PA is productive action. PA is all about CCD. Bullshit means bullshit. My way is the highway means we are going here unless you’ve got a better idea, NOW! Curious George means I’m confused. What exactly did you mean when you said x y and z? PA is the ONE you want because performance/aggressive people get things done. They get things done because they are clear. They don’t dance around tough topics; they dive into them. They don’t ask questions when they know the answer and they don’t fake it when their lost. We believe them even when we don’t agree or like them. We respect PA (Performance/Aggressive) because at least it’s honest.

pa is predominant because we are predominantly weak people. Be one of the few. Change your language and your behavior from pa to PA. And, root out your false beliefs behind your false behaviors. pa, when you boil it down, is all about hiding. PA is out, open, and all about performance.

Be one of the few. STOP your pa tendencies and come clean with the one or the problem you’ve been avoiding. Remember, problems are not self healing systems. They get worse with time. And, you are part of the problem in the pa culture where you’ve taken up residence. In the words of the once wise and always quotable Shelby…

Damn straight!”

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