The tyrant known as ME…

We have lots of problems, we humans. None, however, more debilatating than our lost identity. Few humans know who they are. Lets begin a closer look here and attempt to get to the root…

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. God blessed them and said to them, ‘Be fruitful and increase in numbers; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule.” Genesis 1:26-28

Hebrew scholar Rober Alter says the idea of rule translates “a fierce exercise of mastery.” Thank you, Robert. I love this definition for ruling. If this is our original design, to rule, why are there so few examples of individuals, teams, and leaders who are fierce masters of their craft, their company, or their community? Why?

We have forgotten whose we are. We have fallen for power and sought position and prominence so we can dominate, so we can dictate, and so we can come out on top. The best among us have become fiercely competitive even in our closest relationships. We have not begun our fierce exercise of mastery on ourselves. We have assumed we’re good or at least not as bad as our brother, sister, partner, spouse, or teammate. So we get busy powering over them. Ruling them. Controlling them. Manipulating them. Undermining them. Competing with ’em. Using all our faculties to rule our kingdom; however large or small it’s domain. By God, we are going to dominate.

We have forgotten whose we are.

And, we have forgotten to fiercely focus our attention on mastery, on mastering our greatest leadership challenge; ourselves. We are focused out the window instead of in the mirror. We see others and their need for our rule, our own, not so much. We wonder why our ruling is met with such opposition and drive ourselves nuts trying to fix other peoples shit while remaining ignorant of our own…

Rule begins within. Fiercely exercise mastery within, first. Rule your divided kingdom within. Ask for help humbly. Over time and through the successfully handling of adversity you may evolve into one of the few who can virtuously rule out there.

God, help me fiercely master and subdue my flesh. God, help me rule within and tame the tyrant known as ME. God, help me…

5 thoughts on “The tyrant known as ME…

  1. without getting too deep into the ‘cultural wars’ saga — we are sold the idea independence, the idea of ME, the notion that WE can have it, that WE do have the POWER or we can “get it” …. its only through with humility, on bended knee that we can ever hope to catch the whisper of God’s voice and not our own … we need to submit, I need to submit …. and as I type this … I know full well I am a “CONTROL FREAK’ … God save me from my own self…..!

    1. Grumdelagrum that is a thing of beauty. Thank you for your “and.” God, help us all get out of own way. And, thank you for your attention. It is good to connect electronically over not at all…

  2. Joseph comes to mind as case in point…He mastered himself through adversity and then… in God’s timing, when fully prepared, began to rule (Egypt and his Brothers) …. good blog

  3. Hey Chet, a book recommendation for you: “Immortal Diamond” by Richard Rohr, OFM. Delves into the “true self” born of God and infinite, and the “false self”–a concoction of illusion and ego, Adam’s mistake, separated from God and therefore trying to be god or replace god, spreading pain and shit inside and out. This is the self that needs to die in Jesus’ admonition to those of us willing “to lose your life for my sake will find it.” much of what The Band is trying to do is address false self behaviors. Perhaps getting those on the BTL path to recognize the truth of their true self, what Gurue calls Identity, is a key. Usually, when the true self is recognized, it has the effect of draining the false self of its neediness and power, and could really speed the process and deepen its impact. The Immortal Diamond is really “the one you want.” In any case and always, love from Sully

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