Cheerleader or Coach…

One of my new clients just might make it. He’s definitely not normal. He is willing to work on him. He’s facing anxiety he’s never felt before. He knows our work is the cause behind this effect.

Yesterday, I looked him in the eye and reminded him he owes me nothing, he’s not commited to some long term contract, he can simply say the word and the pain of this pursuit is as good as gone. He looked down, kinda tugged at his shirt, looked me squarely in the eye and calmly told me he didn’t need a cheerleader – he needed a coach. He is all in. How could I give him anything less?

What,my friend, are you giving to your pursuits? Who, my friends, is making you do what you can? I just finished reading the book, Lone Survivor, for the third time and instructor Reno is kinda in my ear.

Cheerleader or Coach – what you got…

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