Pre-load, please…

An average SEAL BUD’s class is around 160 studs strong. Unlike a normal boot camp that lasts a couple weeks, this one is a seven month torture test. Out of 160, less than 40 will make it. The 120 that wash out, if you will, are physically strong enough but mentally not so much. They allowed their mind an “opt out” option. In some kinda acute pain, the mind went forward and forecasted more pain than it could take. This soldier always quits according to SEAL instructor after SEAL instructor.

Want to stick to your New Years resolution? Want to stick to your partner? Want to stick to your diet? Want to stick to your word? Want to stick with your work? Want to avoid chronic anxiety?

Pre-load an answer to adversity. Pre-load how you’re gonna handle it. Pre-load your response. Pre-load your PA, my friend. When the chocolate cake laden tray comes, don’t think – simply dig up your pre-loaded response. Stay in the moment. Don’t allow your mind to think about the next visit from the chocolate tray or the next fifteen. You can handle most anything – in the moment.

Sticking to discipline is more about pre-loading than mustering up the magic in your moment of truth. Pre-load, please…

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