You don’t need to drive out in the country to find them anymore.  In fact, it’s much more difficult, today, to actually find them there. However,do not lose hope, just take a walk around your corporate and your field, your main campus and your satellites, your sales and your marketing, your accounting and your operations, your project management and your executives, and you’ll see them “plain as day.” Every company has ’em you’ve got to train your brain to see…


Silos are teams.  Oftentimes, these teams work well within.  They experience great teamwork behind the silo walls.  They just don’t play as well with the other silos that are also on the same TEAM.  The real team.  

Silo’s are interested in doing what’s right for their team above what’s right for the TEAM. Huh? Remember, high performance always starts with high performance individuals, then high performance teams, and finally with a collection of high performing teams that feels more like ONE. Your company, most likely, is still operating as separate silos. Your job is to connect the many distinct silos in your system.

Silos. Do you see yours?

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