Incomplete truth…

Tough times don’t last, tough people do.  This was the fighting mantra for one of my clients.  Key word here is “was.” We decided, together, this mantra needs amending.  It’s an incomplete truth.  The real truth is this…

Tough times don’t last, tough people do, if they make the tough decisions before they “have to.”

The leader of this system is going to model the way, earn his moral authority, and LOVE the team enough to tell them the unvarnished truth.  He is going to be with them.  He is going to make some really tough decisions that will be personally quite painful.  He’s going to show them how to do this by his example, and by leading from his strong CORE. AND, he’s going to remind them, for the thousandth time, where they’re headed and why it’s worth laboring toward.

Have you taken the time to build, down below, before the storm, or are you simply hoping for clear sailing in the coming days?

Remember, the greatest moral teachers mostly remind us. This too is an incomplete truth. Someone long ago said something similar to a thought I’ve captured below. I attempt to live it. I’ve found it helps me talk less. Here it is.

The greatest moral teachers do little instructing – they mostly remind us…

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