High performers emerge…

Today, in the middle of our practice, my client stopped and asked a good question. He asked me how you uncover high performers from within your system – what’s the secret sauce. He is trying to determine who, among his vast team, is worth his investment of time. I gave him the answer.

You uncover high performers through challenge, challenge, challenge, and more challenge. High performers live for more challenge. They emerge under this kinda stress. Eventually the best of the best begin to grab the reins and kick their own. Soon you won’t have to. Leonidas deserved the 300. He built them into ONE, distinct and deeply connected through the Agog and the ever present challenge. Leonidas got exactly the team he deserved.

Want a better team? Become a better leader. Kick your own. Challenge your 300. Your problem is, most likely, you’ve grown soft and have been sold some secret sauce from the Harvard Business Review article you just read. The answer is not found out there. Look within. Challenge away. High performers emerge from challenge. Your job is to challenge them all and tune in to the response of the few.

Leonidas deserved the 300. Do you?

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