I work primarily with CEO’s and business owners. One of the unintended consequences of being a person in power is you tend to have more pride than perspective. Proud people have a hard time looking up, remember, and tend to think they’re “above it all.” Not good. I believe this is a big reason so many leaders become addicts and for guys my age, alcohol is numero uno.

A reformed alcoholic recently made a comment to one of my clients regarding the unhealthy and all to common mixer of over-served AND decision maker. “What’s the first thing to go when you’ve had to much drink,” he asked – not waiting for the answer, he quickly, reflexively responded…


This is why I hold myself to a hard limit with alcohol. Two drinks and done is my discipline. Doesn’t matter where am I, what the occasion, whether or not I’m driving, what we happen to be celebrating, or how aggressive my server happens to be with his pouring. You and I choose to over-serve ourselves, period. And, as leaders, everybody is watching you. Everybody holds you to a higher bar even when we’re all celebrating away from home, or late into the night. As a leader your job is all about your judgment. The first thing to go when you allow yourself to be over-served is the very skill your team values most – your judgment.

You, my friend, are never NOT on. Someone is watching you and keeping score. Pre-load your discipline. Celebrate like a banchee. Enjoy yourself and soak in some positive memories with those you serve – soberly; not over-served. Got it? Good…

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