With Liberty AND Justice for ALL

Loved reading Toto’s latest blogs about Judgment and 7 Good Minutes.

They are SO related.

Today I started with a 7am group of voluntary practitioners getting up early to work on their worldviews. One guy, KYA (stands for kick-your-a__), has had a justice violation for years and is teed OFF. A second (our beloved FM), has a hypocrisy sniffer because he is human and rushes to judge when he sniffs it and wonders if that’s ok cuz last week he heard maybe he shouldn’t.

In my worldview, we humans are WIRED e.g. designed for justice AND for liberty. But what do you do when you experience one without the other?

For some, until there is justice as they see it, they cannot be free. They become a slave to restoring their justice thread and live angry lives when they are blocked — vulnerable to the poison of bitterness.

For others, until they are free to express things as they see them or feel them, there can be no justice. They become a victim to the ones they have given power to silence them.

Since God and Scriptures are core to this particular Tuesday 7am practice, invariably our conversation came around to looking at liberty and justice from God’s perspective. The perspective of his “Word” vs our “World”.

I believe (i.e. in my ‘Word-view’) there is, quite literally, “one ‘L of a difference.” The ‘L stands for the “limits” our world system puts on how we see things when we exclude God. The ‘L also stands for the “lies” I believe our world system substitutes to explain life apart from God’s truth.

The Book of Job is not so much Job on trial as God on trial. If God’s justice cannot allow evil, can God truly stand for Liberty? If God allows evil freedom, can God truly stand for Justice?

The Book of Job culminates with Job getting “7 good minutes” with God. God starts with his curious clarifying questions first which is where the story flips. Job realizes he’s been asking the wrong questions because his “worldview” was too limited. Job realizes he had wrongly judged God guilty to justify himself.

It takes increasing humility leading to increasing wisdom to see things the way they are — not the way we are.   It takes at least 7 good minutes to understand the way others see them.   This is the highway to restoring Liberty AND Justice for ALL.

The restoration from “A-Lone” to “ALL-one” is the ultimate one ‘L of a difference…

2 thoughts on “With Liberty AND Justice for ALL

  1. Thank you Johnny.
    I really appreciate your leading.
    To discuss 3 sentences for an hour and a half and still be on the edge of my seat listening and wanting more. What a gift to study and learn with the “group”

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