Peteboy and Kramer are BTL…

Today, during practice 111 with kman’s team of 18 crazies, we took a hike up to the 12th floor of 250 High – Team kman’s latest creation. It was freezing, construction workers were everywhere, our hard hats were on, and Kramer was in his glory. Kramer, you see, loves creating beautiful spaces. The “O” in his OPUS radiated from his somehow warm face and penetrated all of us as we tuned in early this morning. His “O”, in case you don’t know is as follows:

“I am here to make the world a better place by moving the state of the art in living and working communities forward; to use the most efficient beautiful systems, to move people emotionally, to raise the bar through the tools of the built environment. I will improve my community by building projects that I would want to live in or live near. I am here to make the world a better more beautiful place and to build wealth doing so.”

250 High is a beauty in the making, kinda like Kramer himself. 250 High is under construction and is due for completion in 2015. Kramer’s under construction too – his completion date is unknown. He, just like you and me, has a long way to go. He, however, is getting after it. He’s taken advantage of the gift that kman and others are giving. He’s making the most of his minutes. Kramer has caught the BTL melody line of CORE, OPUS, and PoP. Today, he was in his element. Good.

As we listened to Pete’s builders journey, I couldn’t help myself from extrapolating to Kramer, kman, Frankee, Z, OG, Tommy, Karen, Reika, Joy, Stevo, Goalie, Dan, Batman, Jeremy, Andrew, Jimmy, Liz, and Sean. You see, it seems like just yesterday that Peteboy and I met back on Paddock Circle. The truth is it was 23 years ago. Time flies. The power of the BTL melody line is clarity. We cannot slow time. We cannot change how much time we have. You and I can, however, make our time count. The enemy is waiting for the ambiguity and adversity of life to suddenly make the time right for you. Sadly, this station is where most humans live and die – waiting.

This is why I get such a giggle out of practice. Every week, I get to be there when some human wakes up and decides to get after it. I get to see the power of the BTL melody line as another human makes our process their own. Thanks, Peteboy for jumping off the fence some eleven years ago and getting after your OPUS. And, thanks Kramer for not waiting so long. Good.

Are you waiting for the seas to part, the timing to be right, your ticket to get magically punched, or some other such event before you decide to get after the hard work of building your CORE and authoring your OPUS?

Are you under construction and making time matter?

Are you BTL?

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